Forgotten Women

One of my lifelong passions is learning about and (finding!) Forgotten Women of History. It was the subject of my uni dissertation and is the subject of my new book (you can order my book on Medieval women during a time of conflict, Forgotten Women of the Wars of the Roses, here). 

Come and learn more about them here... 

Forgotten Women of the Medieval World



If you're interested in the Medieval and Tudor periods you might enjoy my book, Forgotten Women of the Wars of the Roses, published by Pen and Sword. I examine many women who lived through the conflict and the dawn of the Tudor era, including Countesses, Duchesses and Queens but also silkwomen, merchants and innkeepers, along with many others. Order your copy here. 

Forgotten Women of the Tudor and Stuart Periods


Forgotten Women of the Eighteenth to the Twentieth centuries

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