One thing I always try to do when I study history: I always try and put myself in the situation I'm reading about, as if I have an imaginary time machine. What would we see, if we could go back to that moment? What would we smell, taste and hear? What was the weather like? Would we feel the sun on our skin or the bitter cold winds whip around us?

History Lives is a series of creative posts that I have written with historical accuracy in mind. They aim to give a greater understanding into an event, so we don't just see them as facts and figures in a history book but can 'live and breathe' the event for ourselves, even hundreds of years into the future. Within the yellowing court rolls and notes in the archives,  history is still alive, and it can live on in our imagination. 

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The French Raid on Southampton, 1338. 
Henry VIII's Good Friday at Whitehall Palace, 1539.