Sketch Commissions

I am pleased to offer my sketches for sale, over at my own online shop, local online gallery Creative Locale, or send me an email at sketcherjoey[at]gmail[dot]com. 

I sketch houses, wedding venues, your favourite pub, shop or cafĂ©, your local church, workplace - anywhere that's important to you. I've created pieces for birthdays, Christmas presents, anniversaries, weddings and house moves. I can also sketch your street or a view from a favourite window. I often sketch historic buildings but I've drawn many modern buildings for recent commissions, too! 


I love to add character to the building by leaving in wires, satellite dishes, aerials and road signs, but if you'd rather I leave them out (or some of it out) just say. 

Email me with your choice from the types of sketches below and attach a photo you'd like me to work from. I'm afraid the photo has to be your own; I'm unable to use photos you find online for copyright reasons and I can only offer work within the UK, currently. I retain the copyright to all my sketches. 

Ready to get started? 

I can offer two types of sketch... 

1. A4, watercolour sketch

210mm x 297mm, created on 300gm, smooth Bockingford paper. I use fineliner pens, Tombow brush pens and professional grade Winsor and Newton watercolour paints to create your chosen scene. Each watercolour sketch takes me upwards of four hours, and the average lead time is 2-3 days, to allow for booking in, paint drying and arranging delivery. There is a lot of room using this method for different techniques, including splashes, drips and allowing 'blooming' of the pigment. The price for each A4 watercolour commission is £75, delivered to UK. 

Watercolour sketches @sketcherjoey

2. A4, marker pen sketch

Lately I've been busy also creating drawings with these alcohol-based marker pens. I use fineliners to outline the work and bring out the detail and then Winsor and Newton Promarker pens to add the colour. This gives a smooth, vibrant, colourful finish. The sketch will be done on very thin  paper designed for Promarkers, and because there have been questions about the light-fastness of the pens and that they may fade over time, I'll also scan a high-resolution copy and send you that for download, too, in case you want to keep the original but display a same-sized print. Please note that I retain the copyright to all my sketches. Lead time 2-3 days. £75, delivered to UK. 

Promarker sketches @sketcherjoey

To  commission your sketch send me an email and I'll confirm the details with you. You can find more of my work on Instagram @sketcherjoey to get an idea of my style.

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To find out more about my artwork, what projects I'm up to now and why I sketch the way I do, click here. 

Contact me with any questions at sketcherjoey[at]gmail[dot]com. By emailing you agree to the terms in the 'Information' section above. 


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