Historic Sketching Reading for High Street Heritage Action Zone

I am really passionate about local history - about knowing about the story of our buildings and local community and how that relates to how we use those spaces today. 

Me, painting Reading Town Hall

I was completely proud and honoured then, to have been asked to create a series of sketches of some of Reading's historic buildings for the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) last year, in the summer of 2021. HSHAZs have been set up in a number of towns and cities to help raise awareness of local heritage sites and also to help preserve those sites for future generations. 


Reading's HSHAZ team asked for a series of sketches of buildings in the areas of Oxford Road (from Broad Street to Reading West Station Bridge); St Mary's Butts and Castle Street; Market Place in the town centre - and London Road. 

I set to work drawing in fineliners, colouring in watercolour and then adding detail in grey fineliners. I drew places like St Laurence's church, the Town Hall, Reading West Bridge and some of the older buildings in St Mary's Butts. There were some historic pubs and inns, too - including The Sun Inn, The Horn, George Hotel, Great Expectations and The Allied Arms. 

It feels really good to have contributed a little something to the town and even better that it's hopefully going to get people talking and thinking about these old buildings. Do check out Reading's HSHAZ website to see the work they're doing in the town. You can follow them too on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with news. 

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